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Phase Sequence Indicator

  • » LED clockwise and counter clockwise phase rotation indication
  • » Audible indication of direction
  • » Phase condition LEDs
  • » Fused test leads
  • » Croc clips and prods provided
  • » Dual phase colour identification


Electrical work on commercial and industrial installations often requires working on motorised machinery with three phase supplies. Correct sequence of the phases is important with certain motors and pumps as damage to brakes and valves will occur in minutes with incorrect phasing.

The Megger PSI410 phase rotation indicator provides rapid indication of correct phase sequence utilising a three bi-coloured LED display and a specific audible tone. Clockwise rotation is indicated by clockwise rotating green LEDs with a continuous tone and counter clockwise rotation has counter clockwise rotating red LEDs and a warbling tone.

To avoid the display rotating at the supply frequency the unit has been designed to provide a slow rotational speed of the display to allow easy indication of rotation.

Dual phase colour coding has been adopted for the PSI410 to allow ease of use on both Brown / Black / Grey and Red / Yellow / Blue colour coded supplies.

The PSI410 also features a triple bi-coloured LED display that indicates that all three phases are present. A green LED indicates the phase is present while a red LED shows a missing phase connection.

The unit has a tough rugged case designed for an industrial environment and is supplied with long fused test leads with croc-clips and prods. The prods have insulated tips that provide less than 4 mm exposed tip.

The PSI410 is self powered from the supply and requires no batteries.

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