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PAT300 series

Portable appliance testers

  • » Simple manual or automatic testing
  • » 230 V and 110 V operation
  • » Bond testing at 25 A,10 A and 200 mA
  • » Differential, touch and substitute leakage testing
  • » Full colour display
  • » Tests portable RCDs and extension leads


An easily portable desktop appliance tester for testing the safety of portable electrical equipment to meet health and safety regulations. The PAT300 series are fully featured testers with dedicated test buttons for direct access to tests. They are designed for customers who do not require the complexity of a fully confi gurable database of clients and results within the tester but do need a complete range of functions to allow automatic or manual testing of the widest range of electrical assets. There are two products in the range – the PAT320 and the PAT350. The PAT350 is identical to the PAT320, with the addition of fl ash-test capability for use in environments such as manufacturing, production or tool-hire shops.

Simple push-button operation make the PAT300s fast and intuitive in use. All regulatory test requirements are supported, including Class I and Class II, IEC power leads, extension leads and full tests for portable RCDs. An automatic mode is available for Class I and Class II testing. In automatic mode, the tests proceed sequentially through bond, insulation and operation, indicating a pass or fail at each test. If a fail occurs, testing is stopped. When manual testing, each test is preceded by a selection screen where the test parameters are selected, such as bond test current, insulation test voltage or leakage test type. These diagnostic buttons provide direct access to any test individually, allowing single tests to be performed following repair or a suspect result.

Accessories supplied with all models include a combined earth-bond and insulation test lead, an adaptor for testing extension leads, and a carry-case convenient product and lead storage.

PAT400 series

Portable appliance testers

  • » 10,000 memory storage with USB download
  • » Large 5.7” ¼ VGA backlit full colour screen for clear results
  • » 200 mA; 10 A and 25 A Bond Test with high duty cycle for repetitive testing (PAT410 – 200 mA only)
  • » Selectable PASS/FAIL limits provide instant indication of a faulty asset
  • » Optional barcode scanner and printer available to save time typing asset IDs
  • » 230 V and 110 V operation for industrial, commercial and residential applications


The PAT400 series from Megger is a new generation of downloading portable appliance testers, fully testing portable electrical equipment to the latest edition of the Code of Practice for the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. There are 3 products in the range; the PAT410 providing a low-profile 230 V only solution without the added weight required of 110 V operation, plus a database capacity for up to 10,000 test results. The PAT420 provides the same extensive memory and downloading capability, and has the added features of 110 V operation, and also 10 A and 25 A earth bond testing. The PAT450, the top of the range, has all of these features and includes 1.5 kV and 3 kV flash testing, ideal for tool hire outlets and service workshops where flash testing is routine. All products in the range have a high duty-cycle, with the design tailored to fast testing, easy operation, and all-day use. The PAT400s feature a unique fast-re-start, so that when moving the tester from one room to another, it re-starts instantly from the same menu where it was unplugged. This is a significant timesaver, so allowing more tests per day.

USB communication provides convenient download to a standard USB memory stick., and an on-board 10,000 record memory provides interruption-free testing for improved efficiency, with a large QWERTY keypad for fast data entry. Data is directly compatible with Megger PowerSuite® software for professional certification, and all products have the option of a barcode scanner and a thermal transfer barcode label printer operating directly from the USB port. Thermal transfer labels are highly resistant, stable and easily available. The PAT420 and PAT450 have dual 230 V and 110 V operation for complete industrial, commercial and residential applications.

5 soft-keys give direct access to frequently used functions, accelerating navigation through menus and therefore increasing productivity, where time is money. Both standard and customer configurable test groups are available for fast, flexible asset testing.

Tests available in the range include 250 V and 500 V insulation tests, 200 mA, 10 A and 25 A earth bond tests, differential, touch and alternative (substitute) leakage tests, operational VA tests, RCD trip-tests for portable RCDs, anti-surge and RCD protected extension leads and power cords. RCD testing is now a requirement of the UK Code of Practice.

Accessories supplied with all models include a combined earth-bond and insulation test lead, an adaptor for testing 230 V extension leads, a laptop power supply adaptor, and a carry-case for convenient product and lead storage. All instruments also include Download Manager software, to enable data to be converted into a CSV file which can be read on a PC.

Megger PowerSuite software can be purchased to compliment any PAT400, providing full databased asset management and professional electronic certificate generation, providing options for multiple clients and locations.

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