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Portable oil test sets

  • » Light-weight, rugged, portable instruments for measuring insulating oil breakdown voltage
  • » Lock in precision - oil vessel with lockable adjustment
  • » Bright 3.5 inch colour display visable out doors
  • » Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils
  • » Trip detection circuit with direct measure ment of voltage and current
  • » Ultra fast (<10 ìs) HV switch off time


Megger’s automatic portable oil test sets perform accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids. Moulded test vessels give repeatable results in the field and laboratory with lock in precision electrode gap setting adjustment wheels. The transparent, shielded lid is a key feature enabling users to see what is happening within the test chamber.

Megger portable 60 kV and 80 kV oil test sets are the lightest on the market ranging from 16 kg to 23.5 kg depending on model and configuration. They come complete with optional carry bag and transport case. The carry bag has pouches for electrode accessory pack, leads, quick user guide, paper roll etc.

The units are mains powered with optional lead acid or NiMH batteries. In addition, an internal 12 V DC charger and vehicle adaptor cable is standard with either battery option.

Test standards are preloaded in the instrument and new versions can be uploaded via USB flash drive. Both portable instruments support the creation of user defined custom tests. Test results are identified either by a serial number or asset ID and are time and date stamped.

An optional internal printer provides a hard copy of results. Ink based printout ensures durability at all temperatures. USB interfaces (x3) support PC connection, USB flash drive, external USB printer and barcode scanner.

User safety is paramount and Megger have designed independent and dual redundant high voltage cut-off circuitry to ensure safety. During a test the operator can terminate by pressing any button on the keyboard which will remove high voltage immediately and abort the test. The transparent lid provides ample visibility within the chamber yet is protected and electrically shielded by a screen with multiple links to instrument ground.


  • » Test voltages up to 60 kV or 80 kV
  • » Lock in precision oil vessel - lockable gap setting
  • » Flat electrode gap gauges that will not damage electrodes
  • » Automatic oil temperature measurement
  • » QVGA colour display with backlight
  • » Easy clean chamber with oil drain
  • » Safe operation with dual redundant micro-switch HV cut off, zero volt touch bar and screened lid
  • » Transparent lid results in highly visable test chamber and vessel
  • » Intuitive user interface supports fully automatic operation with preloaded international test standards plus user configurable test sequences

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