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Multifunction Insulation Tester

  • » Combines the functions of several Instruments in one package
  • » Non-tripping Loop Test range for tests on RCD protected circuits
  • » RCD ramp test features actual tripping current
  • » Stores approximately 750 different test results in internal memory
  • » Recall results to the display for manual certificate completion
  • » Direct printer output for on-site printing of test results


The Megger® CM500 Multifunction Installation Tester is a compact product that combines all the functions required to fully test Domestic, Commercial and Industrial fixed wiring, in accordance with International Standards.

The CM500 is the first Installation Tester with a nontripping Loop Test guaranteed not to trip any RCD rated 30 mA or above. Its memory and storage capability offers all data to display, download to a PC and a unique on-site print facility.


» Storage of test results
» Recall of test results to instrument display
» Direct serial printer output via RS232 port
» Connect to IBM compatible PC for storage of results
» Ramp Test for measuring RCD actual trip currents
» Variable RCD test current for programmable devices
» Designed and manufactured in accordance with International Safety Standards
» Insulation tests at 250 V, 500 V & 1000 V with 1 mA output
» Continuity tests with 200 mA short circuit capability
» Phase-Phase, Phase-Neutral, Phase-Earth Loop Tests
» High current Loop Testing with 0,01 Ω resolution
» Prospective Earth Fault and Short Circuit Current
» Low current Loop Test for non-tripping of RCDs
» Earth Electrode Resistance Test for simple systems
» No-trip, Trip and Fast Trip RCD testing
» Tests d.c. Sensitive, Selective and General Type RCDs
» Supply voltage, polarity and frequency indication
» Phase sequence indication using optional leads
» Complete with Carry Case, Test Leads and Certificate of Test

MFT1500 Series

Combined Insulation, Loop & RCD Tester

  • » Combined 16th Edition testing
  • » Guaranteed non-tripping loop test range
  • » Backlit display and selector ranges
  • » Automatic RCD testing (MFT1552 & MFT1553 only)
  • » Bluetooth downloading (MFT1553 only)
  • » Illuminated switch probe
  • » Selectable touch voltage
  • » Touch (fault) voltage and display
  • » Calibrated earth loop test lead
  • » Calibration certificate


The MFT1500 series multifunction tester has been revised to include some additional new features:

Called the MFT1500 series, they retain all the essential features necessary for testing domestic, commercial and industrial fixed wiring, and now include the following:

•  PFC measurement on both loop test ranges
•  Selectable Fault (Touch) voltage 25 V or 50 V
•  Fault (Touch) voltage display
•  New Megger lead set included with all instruments
•  DC test functions for RCDs

All instruments test in accordance with International Standards and National Wiring Regulations including BS7671 (16th Edition wiring regulations) and European Standard EN61557.

In addition, the MFT1500 series also meets or exceeds the requirements of EN61010-1 Category III 480 V (max) phasephase.

The MFT1500 is available in 4 options, the standard MFT1501/2 the MFT1502/2 which includes useful additional facilities such as backlit display and range switches, plus the unique Megger illuminated switched probe, the MFT1552 which has an automatic RCD test feature, and the MFT1553 which has Bluetooth downloading capability

The unique modern styling of the instruments allows it to be operated whilst stood on the floor, a ledge, hung around the neck with the supplied neck strap, or held in the hand.

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