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The Traveling Wave Fault Location System TFS 2100 provides accurate fault location solution for transmission and distribution power lines.
Traveling waves are voltage and current surges propagating along the power line, arising from power system disturbances such as fault, switching operations and lightning. The TFS 2100 traveling wave fault locator, determines distance to fault by measuring the time for a surge to travel from fault position to measurement point. The fault distance measurement error is less than ±150 typical regardless of the line length, and free from the influence of factors which affect fault location accuracy using traditional impedance methods. 
System description
The TFS 2100 consists of Traveling Wave Data Acquisition Unit TDU 100 installed in substations, a Master Station Software deployed in the control center and communication network. Each TDU 100 can monitor up to 4 lines, and therefore two or more TDU 100 units are needed to monitor more than 4 lines in a substation. Each TDU is synchronized by means of a GPS synchronization signal with accuracy of ± 1 µs. In bay level application a TDU 100 is dedicated for one line monitoring and installed near the circuit breaker. When more than one TDU 100 is installed in a substation, a Data Processing Server DPS 100 is used to collect traveling wave data acquisition units and communicate with the Master Station.
The TFS 2100 main characteristics are: 
• The most accurate overhead transmission and distribution line fault locator.
• Accuracy: ± 150m typical, regardless the line length.
• Time synchronization with accuracy of ± 1 µs.
• Unaffected by fault resistance.
• Suitable for all kind of power lines AC and DC.
• Automatic distance to fault calculation.
• Unlimited number of monitored lines.
• Reduce overhead lines outage time.
• Non intrusive installation.
• Easy to set up.
• Master Station software for distance to fault calculation and analysis.
• Ethernet TCP/IP, Modem and Point to Point connections available.

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