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Earth Resistance Clamp Testers

MOTWANE DECT2 Digital Earth Clamp Tester

  • » Measures earth resistance in 1 second.
  • » Battery Operated, 6V DC .
  • » Long Jaw Size 65mm x 32mm. suitable for flat metel strips used for earthin.
  • » Double insulation and protect from external magnetic as well as electric field.
  • » Low Battery indication.
  • » Power Consumption: Approx. 5mW, 50 hours continuous.
  • Description

  • The Digital Earth Clamp Tester measures earth / ground resistance using clamp on technology. This is major breakthrough in traditional grounding resistance measurement.DECT 2 can measure earth resistance and earth bond while DECT 3 can measure earth resistance, earth bond & leakage current measurement upto 30A.This meter is a useful addition to the more traditional methods of earth/ground resistance testing that may require disconnection & the use of stakes or ground rods. Simply clamp around the conductor or stake/rod and measure the resistance to ground fast and accurately. The unique long jaw is particularly suitable where grounding is done by flat steels or copper strips. It has low battery indication & data hold facility with memory function. This meter is double insulation level and hence protected from external magnetic & electric field

MOTWANE DET20 Earth & Soil Resistivity Tester

  • » 3 ½ digits LCD display.
  • » 0.01Ohms / 10mA / 128 Hz / Less than 40 V.
  • » Earth voltage measurement 0.1 to 200 V.
  • » Soil Resistivity measurement.
  • » Earth Resistance measurement.
  • » Measuring Ranges 20 / 200 / 2000 Ohm.
  • » Withstands 240V RMS 50Hz applied between any two terminals for 1 min.
  • » Maximum Output Voltage Less than 40 Vrms as per standards.
  • Description

    This is conventional type 3 ½ digit LCD display which can measure Earth Resistance, Soil Resistivity & Earth Voltage .It has a unique RSR technology in which even at the drop of battery voltage the measurement reading remain constant . This meter has rechargeable long life battery which reduces the cost of battery. It has 128Hz test frequency which eliminates the harmonics interference. Earth resistance is measured by three wires & Soil Resistivity is measured by four wire measurement techniques. This meter is shock proof & drop dust proof ABS casing for heavy duty. This meter is Type tested as per IS 9223.

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