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AVO 300

Digial Multimeter

  • » Designed for Electricians
  • » Fully auto ranging
  • » Large display characters
  • » Separate battery and fuse cover
  • » Data hold
  • » Min/Max store
  • » IEC 61010 compliant
  • » Suitable for applications to CATIII 600 V


The AVO300 range of Megger digital multi-meters are tough compact instruments designed for the contracting electrician, but are also suitable for a wide range of applications and users.

Both instruments offer a range of measurement modes for AC and DC applications, resistance and current measurement.

The AVO300 series multi-meters have tough rubber armoured cases offering the maximum amount of protection from the extreme use found in modern industrial environments. They draw on extensive experience of Megger engineers in designing safe reliable instruments for the electrical industry.

Neither of the instruments are burdened with functions that never get used. This keeps the instruments simple to operate without the continued need to refer to the user manual.

AVO 410

Digital Multimeter

  • » 6000 count backlit digital display
  • » True RMS reading on AC mode
  • » 1000 V DC / 750 V AC ranges
  • » 10 A AC / DC ranges
  • » Resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges
  • » CAT IV 600 V


The Megger AVO410 digital multimeter has been designed for the contracting electrician and has the additional features that also make the instrument suitable for wide range of applications and users.

The instrument offers AC and DC voltage and current measurements as well as resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges. True RMS readings on the AC functions are standard on the AVO410 and the instrument features a CATIV 600 V safety rating meaning the instrument is suitable for industrial applications.

The slim, compact case has a tough rubberised holster that provides that extra degree of protection from the extreme conditions found in industrial environments. The style of the case and positioning of the function switch and buttons means the unit sits comfortably in the palm for single handed use.

Continuous references to the user guide have been avoided by the AVO410 utilising simplified functions.

The display features a back light that allows measurements to be made in poorly lit areas.

The AVO410 test leads are supplied with silicon cable and have GS38 compliant shrouded tips on the prods.

M7000 and M8000 Series

Dual Display Digital Multimeters

  • » 4,000 & 40,000 Count
  • » Dual Display
  • » Analogue Bargraph Updates 128 times every second
  • » True r.m.s d.c. + a.c. and Average Responding
  • » Basic Accuracy from 0,3% to 0,08%


The Megger M7000/M8000 Series of advanced analogue/digital multimeters use the latest microprocessor technology to provide the most comprehensive measuring ranges and features in a hand held instrument.

There are four instruments in the range, the two M7000 models are for more general applications yet still incorporate many advanced features, whereas the M8000 models have been designed to provide greater accuracy with extensive additional measuring capabilities.

The M7000 units offer rugged dependability for use in field conditions. Both the M7027 and M7029 are supplied in rugged yellow cases with wrap around rubberised holsters for added protection against mishandling. The main difference between the models is that the M7027 has a basic accuracy of 0.3% and the M7029 has a basic accuracy of 0.2%. Both models have dual displays and the choice of operation in the 4,000 count or the higher resolution 40,000 count mode.

The M8000 models provide more advance features for applications requiring more extensive measuring capabilities. The M8037 is the top of the range instrument it measures true rms, a.c. + d.c. and a.c. voltage ranges, which more accurately measure voltage values regardless of the waveforms. Square, sawtooth, triangle, pulse trains, spikes as well as distorted waveforms with the presence of harmonics can all be measured accurately.

The M8037 also has a backlit display for easier readings in poorly illuminated areas. Both the M8035 and M8037 have basic accuracies of 0.08%, dual displays and the choice of operation in the manual or autoranging mode.

Capacitance, frequency, conductance and diode test facilities are included as standard features plus, for more advanced measurement applications, the ability to record, store, sort and compare results is also provided.

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