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Earth Leakage Clampmeter

  • » 0,01 mA resolution
  • » EMC & EN61010-1 compliant
  • » 30 mA, 300 mA, 30 A & 300 A range
  • » 40 mm jaw size
  • » Analogue Bargraph & Digital Display


The DCM300E is designed mainly to check earth leakage currents. However, the upper range will measure currents of up to 300 A a.c. making it a totally versatile instrument capable of taking most current measurements.

The instrument has four ranges; 30 mA, 300 mA, 30 A and 300 A with a minimum resolution of 0,01 mA on the 30 mA range.

For those hard to read measurements, where there are problems of accessibility or poor lighting, a data hold feature has been incorporated, to aid measurement.

To save battery life when not in use the instrument has an automatic power off feature and will turn itself off if it hasn’t taken any readings over a 10 minute period. This totally new clampmeter development ensures that the latest safety design standards EN61010-2-32 and EMC requirements are met. Safety is enhanced with the incorporation of a tactile barrier. Extra insulation has been used around the jaw specifically to reduce the possibility of causing a short circuit between live conductors, as well as protecting the operator from accidentally getting an electric shock.


  • » 0,01 mA resolution for measuring earth leakage currents
  • » 300 A range for standard current measurements
  • » Analogue Bargraph Display for trending
  • » Handguard designed for operator safety
  • » Pocket sized and lightweight

DCM310 and DCM320

Digital clamp meter

  • » Current only and multimeter models
  • » Measures up to 400 A a.c. with low current ranges for improved    resolution
  • » 600 V ac/dc (DCM320)
  • » Data Hold
  • » Max Hold (DCM310)
  • » 20 MΩ Resistance (DCM320)
  • » Small pocket-size design
  • » Exceptional battery lifetime
  • » Supplied with carry case
  • » IEC61010 CAT III 600 V


The DCM310 and DCM320 are ideal clamp meters for use during the installation, maintenance and checking of electrical systems and equipment.

Both meters will measure AC current (50~60 Hz) up to 400 A, with a Data-hold feature to freeze the displayed value for use in confined situations where the display may be difficult to read. The DCM310 also has a max-hold feature to automatically store and display the maximum value measured over a period of time.

The DCM320 has the benefit of measurement ranges for a.c. and d.c. voltages up to 600 V, and resistance up to 20 MΩ, via the terminals and supplied test leads. It also has a continuity buzzer that operates up to 20 Ω.

Both meters are safety rated to IEC 61010 CAT III 600 V, so offering high levels of protection to the operator. Carrying cases are included, and even without the case, the instruments are rated to withstand a 1.2 m-drop onto a hard surface without damage.

The large clamp jaw enables cables to be measured up to 27 mm diameter, so covering the majority of applications within the electrical system installation industry.

Ideal for use by anyone working on basic electrical systems or equipment, these instruments are also suitable for the majority of applications encountered by the Electrical Contractor.


Fork Multimeter

  • » 200.0 A ac Open-Jaw current measurement
  • » 0.1 V to 1000 V auto-ranging ac and dc voltage measurement
  • » 0.1 Ω to 20.00 MΩ resistance range
  • » Continuity buzzer and diode check
  • » Non-contact detection of AC voltage
  • » Compact pocket sized design
  • » Auto power-off
  • » Supplied with detachable test leads and carry-case
  • » CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600 V


The Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter is a convenient, compact instrument designed to measure ac current up to 200 A, and perform all the functions of a basic multimeter.

With ac and dc voltage measurements up to 1000 V and resistance measurements up to 20 MΩ, a non-contact voltage detection facility and a continuity buzzer with diodecheck, the Megger DCM330 is a truly versatile instrument. All of these features combined into a single compact instrument eliminates the need for separate multi-meter and clampmeter.

The large central range knob enables ambidextrous singlehanded use, and the separate voltage/resistance test leads can be disconnected when not in use.

The open-jaw design of the clampmeter enable simple and fast measurements to be made on single conductors up to 16mm diameter. With no moving clamp parts, the Megger DCM330 is not susceptible to dirt, grit or moisture around the cable, so is equally ideal for use in dirty trenches or trunking; or clean laboratory conditions. It provides average-responding RMS values, and with the conductors(s) positioned centrally and squarely within the jaws, achieves readings of better than 3% accuracy.

The Megger DCM330 is auto-ranging on all ranges. Current measurement and the non-contact voltage sensor do not need the test leads, all other functions will require their use.

The voltage detection function can identify the presence of live AC voltages from 50 V to 1000 V at 50 to 500 Hz.

It is operational on any range including off. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled by a tone sounding and the illumination of a red LED situated below the clamp head.

The Megger DCM330 is powered by 2 x AAA cells providing 250 hours of operation, and has an auto-off feature that activates after approximately 10 minutes.

The tough body provides easy and comfortable grip, providing durability while stored in a tool box or pocket. The DCM330 is designed to withstand a 1.22m (4 feet) drop without damage.

The display is a large 31/2 digit LCD. In difficult or awkward locations, the display can be frozen with the “HOLD” function, removed from the cable under test and read independently.


Digital clampmeter

  • » CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600 V
  • » 600 A and 600 V
  • » Resistance and continuity
  • » 3½ digit, 4000 count display with backlight
  • » High resolution digital bargraph
  • » Peak, min/max and data-hold functions
  • » Zero-offset REL mode for comparative measurements
  • » Supplied complete with test leads and carry case
  • » IEC61010 CAT III 600 V


The DCM340 is a highly versatile instrument and ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring or checking of a.c. or d.c. electrical systems and equipment.

There are four instruments in the family of high quality DCM300 series clamp meters from Megger, including the 400 A a.c. current-only DCM310; the DCM320 which includes voltage and resistance measurement; the DCM330 Fork- Multimeter, which is an open fixed-jaw design; and this, the DCM340. Capable of measuring a.c. and d.c. current up to 600 A; a.c. and d.c. voltage up to 600 V; resistance up to 400 Ω; and frequency up to 400 Hz, the DCM340 is the most versatile in the range.

Current measurement combined with the comprehensive and accurate multimeter functions of the DCM340 eliminate the need to carry around both a clamp and multimeter – this instrument does it all.

The large clear digits of the numeric display are complimented by the high-resolution digital bar graph, useful for indicating trending and fluctuation of measurement. The backlight assists use in poorly lit areas such as distribution cupboards and corners of switchrooms; and the data-hold feature enables use on difficult access cables where otherwise the display may be impossible to see.

Min/Max hold provides the ability to store the maximum and minimum d.c. or rms values over a period of time. While storage is taking place, either the present, maximum or minimum value can be displayed. Peak hold stores the maximum and minimum peak value of an a.c. signal at a 10 ms sample rate. The auto-off feature automatically places the meter in power-save mode after 30 minutes from power-on, but this can be disabled if required for min/max measurements.

Using the Relative mode (REL), a stable value can be stored, the instrument zeroed at that point, and then any variation from that value is displayed as a direct measurement relative to it.

The DCM340 is safety rated to IEC 61010-1 Cat III 600 V, and is drop-tested to 1.2 m onto a hard floor. It is supplied with test leads and a carry case, and a full 1-year manufacturers warranty.


Multi-core AC digital clamp meter

  • » Single, two or three core cable measurement
  • » Flat or round section cables
  • » No need to split wires
  • » Cable centralising clamp
  • » Backlit display
  • » 50Hz and 60Hz supplies
  • » IEC 1010-2-032, CAT III 600 V safety protection


The NEW Megger MMC850 offers a unique solution to current measurement in multi-core cables, without the need to split cores. Simply clamp the MMC850 to a multicore cable and read the current flowing.

Conventional current clamp meters have been available for many years and are an accepted method of non-intrusive current measurement. However these instruments can only measure current in a single core cable, requiring multi-core cables to be split before a core can be measured.

Unlike conventional clamp meters, the MMC850 has a complex array of Planer magnetic sensor coils to calculate the current flowing in the conductors of multicore cables with either 2 or 3 cores, and in either flat or round section cable, up to 100 A. The convenience and potential time saving from using the multi-core clamp is considerable.

A single button switches the clamp between multi-core and single core operation, ensuring the MMC850 is the only clamp meter you need to carry.

The MMC850 has a tough and lightweight clamp head, allow good access to awkward locations and cables.

The inner jaw clamp centralises the cable to be measured ensuring best accuracy.

The MMC850 is suitable for supply frequencies from 45Hz to 400Hz. Current measurement to 200 A on single core and 100 A on multi-core cables is possible, with a resolution to 0.1 A, so covering the majority of power applications including Military/Aviation.

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