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Proving Unit

  • » 5 stepped nominal output voltages
  • » Automatic operation
  • » High output power suitable for test lamps
  • » Extended battery life
  • » Magnetic base
  • » Rugged case


Two pole voltage testers generally have a self testing function to check the unit is working and does not have exhausted batteries. This test does not necessarily indicate the instrument will safely show a voltage measurement, particularly voltages in excess of 50 volts. Two pole voltage testers are recommended to be tested with a known live voltage source prior to making a voltage measurement on a circuit.
The Megger MPU690 proving unit provides an alternative portable battery operated voltage source that can verify the correct functioning of a voltage tester.
The device safely generates a range of voltages from 50 to 690 volts in five steps. At switch on, the unit initially generates 690 volts then after a short period, slowly ramps down through each voltage step until the device switches off.
The individual voltage steps are indicated by an LED with a power indicator LED that also indicates an exhausted battery.
The MPU690 features automatic power on when voltage tester probes are inserted into the output terminals, generating a 50 Hz output voltage which simulates the AC mains supply.


Voltage Tester

  • » AC and DC voltage from 6 to 1000 V
  • » Resistance / Continuity (acoustically)
  • » RCD function test
  • » Two pole phase sequence indication
  • » LCD display
  • » CAT IV 1000 V rating


The Megger TPT220 voltage tester provides electricians and electrical engineers with voltage indication but has additional functions that make the instrument truly versatile.

The TPT220 features an LCD display that provides AC and DC voltage measurement from 6 to 1000 volts, in addition, a continuity / resistance function ranging from 0 to 2 kÙ. Continuity and voltage measurements greater than 35 V are accompanied by an acoustic sounder.

The display has a back light with an ambient light sensor that will illuminate the display in poorly lit environments. A low battery indicator, continuity data hold function and a torch lamp are also provided.

The unit has an RCD / FI test function that allows simple testing of 30 mA RCDs, RCBOs and safety breakers.

A test between phase and earth on a circuit protected by an RCD, RCBO and Safety Breaker will not trip these devices.

The phase sequence indication feature is simplified which avoids the typical crossing of the test probes adopted by many 2 pole testers.

With safety in mind, the TPT220 is CATIV 1000 V rated with an IP65 rated strong body that provides easy and comfortable grip. GS38 shrouds are provided as standard.

The unit has a feature that will warn the operator of dangerous test voltages should the batteries become exhausted.


  • » On / Off switch
  • » Exhausted battery warning indicator
  • » Spare GS38 tips included
  • » Auto power off

VF1 and VF2

VF AC voltage detectors

  • » Non-contact detection of AC voltage
  • » Automatic audible warning buzzer (VF2)
  • » Bright red voltage indicator in tip
  • » Built-in bright white LED torch
  • » Suitable for detecting voltage at socket outlets or against wire insulation
  • » CAT III 1000V


The Megger VF1 and VF2 Voltage detectors are, compact pen-style instruments to identify the presence of live AC voltages from 100 V to 600 V at 50 or 60 Hz. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled on the VF1 by the illumination of a bright red LED situated within the white nylon tip. The VF2 has the additional feature of an audible warning device actuated simultaneously to the red LED.

Both VF1 and VF2 incorporate a flashlight torch. Extended battery life is achieved by the use of a bright-white LED.

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